Ashley & Co SootherUp Gone Green - Mortar & Pestle

Ashley & Co SootherUp Gone Green - Mortar & Pestle


SootherUp Gone Green

Eco-lotion with organic borage oil and natural extracts. For your hands and body. 500ml.

Washed Up and need nourishment? Use Soother Up for healthy looking skin… it’s like bottled comfort for your hands and body.

Without: Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Colourings Or Synthetic Fragrance.

Gone Green Range Fragrance Certified 100% Natural by Ecocert

Mortar & Pestle
Forget the glass dome and taxidermy of nature - preservation begins with a pestle. Created is a natural and unique rhapsody blend of Organic Borage Oil, Olive Extract And Aloe. Propagate. Pick. Grind. 

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