The Candle Library Classic Candle - Whisky O'Clock

The Candle Library Classic Candle - Whisky O'Clock


Eucalypt / Clove Leaf / Cedar Wood

It’s been a long day. You sit down in your favourite armchair to relax for the evening. There is rain beating against the window, you pour yourself a nip of your favourite whisky and settle in for the night. Closing your eyes, you take in the different aromas; a delicate note of raspberry & eucalypt hidden amongst the prominent woodsy scents, speckled with spice & sage.

The Candle Library's hero range is a beautifully crafted candle range that is entirely Australian-made.

The ceramic vessels are handmade by Australian potters and designed to be used long after the flame goes out.

Custom fragrance oils are locally produced before being mixed with 100% natural eco soy wax. Each candle is then individually poured by hand in small batches, in Byron Bay.

The candles are packaged in Australian manufactured boxes, made of paper that is 100% recycled from waste paper and is carbon neutral.


  • 9oz/255g
  • 50 Hours Burn Time
  • Handmade In Byron Bay, Australia
  • 100% Eco Soy Wax
  • 9cm x 8cm approx
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