Lucy Folk Anchovy Friendship Band - Silver

Lucy Folk Anchovy Friendship Band - Silver


An enduring Lucy Folk staple, the Anchovy Friendship Band, colourful and quirky, promises to bring the FUN to long days in the sun.

Handmade by artisans, the macramé bracelet, available in a dizzying variety of colours features an anchovy charm dipped in plated metal. Worn alone or stacked, this is the ideal gift for locking in your BFF!

- Handmade in Sterling Silver & Cotton.

- Please note, each cotton band is unique in colour & pattern & will differ from that shown in the product image. Contact for colour requests, prior to ordering, otherwise like coloured band will be sent. 


- Approx. 240mm (length) & 10mm (width). Pendant measures 50mm (length) & 10mm (width). 

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