Lucy Folk Catacombs Earrings

Lucy Folk Catacombs Earrings


Defiance and disorder, Lucy Folk's Rock The Casbah Earrings take all that and more from The Clash's famous song. Designing a pair of earrings that stand out and beckon their own centre stage, Folk creates a beautiful yet obscure piece of jewellery. Handmade in Japan and featuring a mish mash of delicate shapes and precious stones, these earrings promise any look a unique allure.

  • Handmade in 18kt Yellow Gold, Titanium, Lapis and Natural Turquoise

  • 2 x 9.5mm Akoya Pearl, 6 x Organic Fresh Water Pearl, 2 x 18kt Yellow Gold Butterflies

  • The height measures 4.1cm, width at base measures 4cm and width of beading 

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