Lucy Folk Catacombs Necklace

Lucy Folk Catacombs Necklace


Deep within the passageways of the Egyptian Catacombs lie a myriad of decorative paintings, statues, ornaments...and jewellery. Pharaohs were buried with lavish jewels, so they could travel in style to the afterlife. Handmade in Japan, Lucy Folk's Catacombs Necklace is a symbol of immortal beauty. This magical necklace, featuring organic fresh water pearls and bright blue lapis and natural turquoise stones - both associated with the Egyptian goddess Hathor - is the perfect embodiment of joy, pleasure and feminine love.

  • Handmade in 18kt Yellow Gold

  • 18kt Yellow Gold, Titanium, Lapis, Natural Turquoise, 12 x Organic Fresh Water Pearls

  • Length of necklace measures 38cm

  • The length of the pearls measure 1.06cm - 2.5cm and 2mm for the beading width

  • Necklace weighs 13.9g

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